Welcome back, It's been awhile.

Not going to lie or make any excuses. Not going to sugar coat anything. I've been a bitch. Over the passed year + I've been my own worst enemy. I allowed life to completely derail me. For those of you that have been here since the Staystrong days, you all know that my attitude has always been "Fuck Everything, Make it Work"...yet for some reason I havent been able to do that. Well that's over.

Let's continue what we started.


- Frankk

In 2012 I set out to build something larger than a clothing line, something more than a brand.  For six years, I was able to do just that.  Together we impacted thousands of lives, we created something truly incredible.  I can't thank you all enough for supporting the vision throughout those years.  In 2018 we were forced to re-brand.  Although this set us back a bit, I was determined to come back stronger and continue what we originally set out to do.